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Indian Society Of Translational Research
Translation of theoretical advances made in the laboratories into attaining better clinical practices for improved care of patients is the need of the hour in developing countries such as India.

Ample amount of data regarding putative targets and methodologies for treatment of many pathological situations have been evolved by our researchers. However, most of these technical advances are not in tandem with the clinic. Thus, the lack of a well devised dedicated system that will apply these discoveries for the benefit of human health renders these advancements redundant. The road, therefore, from molecular and basic physiology to preclinical animal models and finally to cure by the bedside needs to be paved such that the fruits of scientific research are made available to common man. Until now this was the realm of a few private enterprises that in the end do it for their own benefit. This does not allow the new therapeutic methodologies to be affordable by the common man.

  • To identify the thrust areas in basic, applied and translational research in public health, family welfare, nutrition and innovative systems of medicine.
  • To establish linkage between basic research and operational research and accumulation of clinical evidence to create an evidence database.
  • To promote various innovative means of personalized medicine and molecular diagnostics.
  • To identify the major hurdles in translating scientific advancements into routine public health practices.
  • To generate skilled manpower that will reinforce bridge between health researchers and public.

Indian Society Of Translational Research

ISTR certifies registration under the society Registration Act, 1860. However any Govt. department or any other association/person may kindly make necessary verification (on their own) of the assets and liabilities of the society before entering into any contract/assignment with them.

Subscription Membership Fee Admission Fee Total Payment
Life Member (Academy) Rs.2000/- Rs. 50/- Rs.2050/-
Life Member (Industry) Rs. 5000/ Rs. 50/- Rs.5050/-
Annual Member (Academy) Rs. 500/ Rs. 50/- Rs. 550/-
Annual Member (Industry) Rs. 2000/ Rs. 50/- Rs. 2050/
Student Annual Member Rs. 200/- Rs. 50/- Rs. 250/-
Life Member (FR-Academy) 300 USD 300 USD
Life Member (FR-Industry) 500 USD 500 USD
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